Current data

Wed Jun 19 11:23:30 UTC 2024

195 pods running.

Points of failure

These are the last recorded locations of pods which have failed within the last three hours. Click to sort.

4N1Gormthoog at station
3S1Durango - Pod
2J8Fenstar moving N
2Z2Bronlen paused Own
1C2-N2Dreyfus moving N
1C2-N2Los Salvacci moving
1C4Danser moving E
1C4Puccia moving N
1F3Akea - Parcel
1J8Jharmelion moving S
1J8Wylder moving N
1J8Xilted moving N
1M1Fernandes at station
1M1Liskamm moving SW
1M2Hathor -
1M2Hathor paused
1M4Ptesanwi moving S
1M4Ptesanwi moving SW
1N1Goronbum moving N
1N3Basilisk at station
1N4Vipiteno moving N
1S4Bydalen -
1T1Martin moving N
1T1Martin moving SE
Graph of recent pod numbers
Graph of pods by continent