Current data

Sun Jul 21 17:28:32 UTC 2024

202 pods running; 1 rider.

Points of failure

These are the last recorded locations of pods which have failed within the last three hours. Click to sort.

2108SL18BSLB Breathtaking moving
341SL21BSLB Breathtaking moving
3F2Helvellyn -
2M1Fernandes at station
2N1The MastHead moving
2Z2Bronlen paused Own
1C4Czekanski moving N
1C4Puccia moving N
1F1Hiltrude -
1G5Demorgan paused Replacement
1J2Monowai at station
1J8Deep Blue Hole
1N1Basilisk at station
1N1Gormthoog at station
1N3Basilisk at station
1S1Weston -
1S2Davos -
1S5Davos -
1T1Nailsworth at station
Graph of recent pod numbers
Graph of pods by continent